50th birthday celebration: running the London Marathon!

Fiona Crisp is celebrating turning 50 by undertaking the London Marathon for Ripple Effect.

“I am doing the London Marathon this year as it’s my 50th birthday on the actual day of the race so thought it was a good idea - not so sure now! I have a knee injury so training hasn’t gone well. I’m just hopeful that I can make it to the end of the race in one piece!”

Fiona Crisp Oxford

Fiona is a Ripple Effect Trustee and cycled across Rwanda two years ago for us, where she saw our work in action:

“I met some of the female farmers in the programme at a milk cooperative. I am always amazed at how self-sufficient the farmers are, using all their space and resources to provide for their families. Nothing is wasted - water collected from the roofs, cow manure used for their gardens and the gas from the cows (biogas) is even used as fuel for their cooking!”

When asked what she was most looking forward to about this upcoming marathon challenge, Fiona replied;“the end!!!”

Help cheer Fiona on her way by donating via her JustGiving page so that more African families grow their way out of hunger.