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Felicien and his wife attending to their garden

Where we work

We have been working on the ground with farming communities in Africa since 1988, adapting our approach and developing our expertise in three key areas of work.

Ripple Effect currently has country programmes in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda, and works in partnership in Zambia.

  • Burundi

    Burundi has an urgent need for development: it is one of the hungriest countries in the world, with 72% of its population food insecure. We have been working here since 2013 and are currently running two projects in Mwaro and Bujumbura Rural centered on nutrition and building resilience to the climate crisis.

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  • Ethiopia

    We have been working in Ethiopia since March 2006 and have had a huge impact on thousands of families most at risk of poverty. We are currently working with more than 142,796 people in eight projects.

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  • Kenya

    The remote, underdeveloped Western Province of Kenya is a world apart from its better-known beaches and safari parks. Our work here since 1996 has had a huge impact on thousands of the poorest families. We are currently running four projects focusing on family nutrition and strengthening community structures.

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  • Rwanda

    The 1994 genocide left one million people dead in Rwanda, and a legacy of fractured communities and drastically reduced livestock numbers. We have been working here since 2000 and are currently running four projects across eight districts.

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  • Uganda

    Ripple Effect has been working in Uganda since 1988, growing from just two staff members to 51. We are currently running five projects, diversifying crop production and increasing farmer’s access to local markets.

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  • Zambia

    We have been working in Zambia since 2004, initially through a partnership with Heifer International before independent registration in 2013. Up to 2022 we have worked with 39,500 people in the country, with projects that transform lives and protect their environment.

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