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A woman walking down a path holding a bucket of water

How non-specialist organisations can contribute to tackling Intimate Partner Violence

Ripple Effect is hosting an online event on Wednesday 13 April 2022 at 9:00 USA-EDT (Eastern Dayligh…

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Simon Doherty shaking hands

Ripple Effect appoints senior vet as vice-chair

Dr Simon Doherty, Senior Lecturer in Animal Health & Welfare at Queen’s University Belfast and a…

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Several houses with a tree in between

World AIDS Day 2021: How Aids relates to Ripple Effect's work

Today is international World AIDS Day, when we can all be reminded of how the scourge of HIV/AIDS pr…

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Climate change picture

COP26: what it means for Ripple Effect’s work

After the intense focus of the COP26 conference in Glasgow, what are the outcomes for east Africa, a…

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Ripple Effect Supporter outside Downing Street

Ripple Effect supporters take climate crisis action

This time last week, together with a group of Ripple Effect supporters, I delivered 26,000 signature…

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Florida and two other women embracing each other smiling at the camera

Ripple Effect US launches new projects to empower women and girls in coffee-growing communities

Nearly $1 million in new grants will provide training in gender equality and women’s leadership. Oc…

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Grace stands in the centre of a field, wearing a patterned blouse and a long green skirt.

What the latest IPCC report means for families in rural Africa

The report told us that even if we keep global heating at a 1.5°C increase, the world will continue …

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Rose Aloowoza washing her hands outside her home

Uganda experiences a second wave of Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has had such a devastating effect on all of us and has changed the way we act …

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Ripple Effect statement on the Aid budget cut

Ripple Effect's statement on the Foreign Aid Budget Cuts

We are deeply saddened by the Foreign Aid budget cuts announced by Rishi Sunak on 25th November. In …

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Seb and Toby 1

#TwoPointSixChallenge 260 mile challenge

2.6 Challengers run and cycle 260 miles in 26 hours. In April, Bath brothers Toby and Seb Symington …

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