Caroline in a field with Ripple Effect icon behind her

Send a Cow becomes Ripple Effect

On 31 May 2022, Send a Cow changed its name to Ripple Effect

We all loved the name Send a Cow: it was quirky and got people’s attention – but our comprehensive research showed that it was holding us back from gaining new support and reaching more communities with our life-changing training.

Our name was confusing for anyone who didn't know our work as we started each conversation clarifying that we don’t actually "send cows" but instead provide a range of sustainable anti-poverty solutions that really work for the farming families we work alongside.

The Send a Cow name described our heritage well, but it no longer accurately reflects our organisation today or expresses the incredible impact that training farmers can have on their communities.

David Bragg 800x800

“When I sent cows to Uganda back in 1988, I never anticipated what the charity would become or the number of people it would help. We didn’t realise was the impact of surplus produce sales that would enable so many children to access quality education, families live in much improved housing, women attain equal opportunity and previously hopeless farmers become teachers and leaders of positive change. Our new name reflects this immense multiplication impact and will enable us to reach even more people with life-changing skills, training and knowledge.”

David Bragg Founding Farmer

To reach our goal of working with 5 million more people by 2030, we need to build awareness about our expert development work with farming families and have a name to demonstrate this effectiveness. That's why we've changed our name to Ripple Effect, reflecting how the benefits of our work multiply across African communities and from generation to generation.

From May 2022, the way we look and talk is going to be bolder - demonstrating our impact on fighting hunger and poverty more effectively so more supporters join our family of change makers. Our new name will emphasise that the impact of our work is always felt far beyond where it starts.

Paul Stuart

“Our history and our name are important parts of who we are today. But we must recognise the need for change. Our new name emphasises that the impact of our work is always felt far beyond where it starts, and that for every farmer we reach, many more benefit. That’s something we are incredibly proud of.”

Paul Stuart CEO