Ripple Effect

Give in memory

Memorial and celebration of life events

Eunice and her family holding produce
Pay in a collection

Donate in memory following a life celebration event.

Pay in collection
Lydia, a farmer, watering her crops.
Set up a Tribute Page

Create a JustGiving page to share with friends & family.

Tribute page
Mercy and Daphine
One-time Gift

Make a gift in the memory of a loved one.

One-time gift
Ripple Effect
Regular Gift

Give a regular Direct Debit each month in memory of a loved one.

Regular gift
Ripple Effect
Gifts in Wills

Pass on joy to families in rural Africa through a gift in your Will.

Gifts in Wills
Ripple Effect
Company Donation

Join together and give in memory of a loved colleague.


Funeral Professionals

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