Reasons to Run – Louise's Story

Did you take up running as a lockdown hobby or were you a regular runner that enjoyed finding new local routes during lockdown?

It’s been a challenging time for everyone but many of our supporters have found comfort in their exercise routines. Getting outside and exercising can be great for both your physical and mental health.

Unfortunately, many traditional running events haven’t been able to go ahead over the last year. However, with events starting to happen again, now is a great time to turn your lockdown hobby into a finishers medal. We have FREE ENTRY places in both the Royal Parks Half Marathon on Sunday 10th October 2021 and the Bath Half Marathon on Sunday 13th March 2022.

Louise Bell London Landmarks 21 1
Everyone has their own reasons to run for Ripple Effect - meet Louise who has recently completed the London Landmarks Half Marathon for Ripple Effect.

Why did you choose to run for Ripple Effect?

"I have run a couple of half marathons before and I had signed up for another one, which has been moved to August. I have been working on my fitness ahead of getting married in October so I wanted to challenge myself to see if I could do two half marathons in one month - that led me to the London Landmarks race. I thought this would also be a good opportunity to support a charity and raise some money; Ripple Effect is an amazing charity and the money that I will raise will provide five families with life-saving hygiene skills and training."

What are you most looking forward to about running London Landmarks?

"I had tried to enter London Landmarks before, but had not been able to get through the ballot; it's a unique opportunity to run through the normally busy streets of London and in and around some world-renowned landmarks with Ripple Effect's team cheering me on. It will also be amazing to take part in a race again, having not been able to do so during the various lockdowns of the past months."

Do you have any training advice for other runners?

"I have found in the past that the best way to train is to gradually build up the distance rather than run too far too soon. Some strength training is also really helpful."

How are you planning on reaching your £350 sponsorship goal?

"I am hoping that my friends and family will be very generous, particularly in consideration of the fact that I am doing two races in the space of three weeks. Save for that, I may look at doing a bake sale to increase the funds!"

The difference signing up to a challenge event could you make:

If you’re inspired by Louise, lace up those trainers and sign up for one of our challenge events!

It’s inspiring to think that your sponsorship could help families protect themselves through lifesaving hygiene training at a challenging time when a second wave is hitting the African countries that we work in. The vaccination rates in most of the countries where we work are currently less than 10%. With the pandemic persisting for at least another 18 months, your sponsorship could literally save lives and enable our families to not only survive the pandemic but thrive and go after their dreams. If Louise's reasons to run have inspired you, sign up and join Ripple Effect’s Herd in the Royal Parks Half Marathon or Bath Half Marathon today!