Hannah’s marathon story #Reasonstomove

Earlier this year, Hannah took part in the London marathon for Ripple Effect, and raised an incredible £2,000. We asked her what inspired her to get moving and become a force for change in rural Africa…

When did you first start running?

Ten years ago, I was actually inspired by watching the London Marathon! I’m definitely a relaxed runner though and drift in and out of training. And I’m not fast – I like to get value for money and take my time!

What was it that you hoped to achieve from the London Marathon for yourself?

Just getting around and enjoying it - it’s such an iconic event. Standing with the crowds at the start was amazing, and the supporters cheering you on at the end was incredible! Completing 26.2 miles is a massive challenge so being able to say I’ve done that makes me really proud.

What is it about Ripple Effect’s work that particularly resonates with you?

I love the fact that it is such a simple idea, that it’s not about a one-off gift but about creating a new life for someone. The fact that people receiving the gifts are so generous and support not just their families but their wider communities is really inspiring.

How have you had support from family and friends with your running?

Loads of it! My husband can run much faster than me but came with me on so many training runs, and when he wasn’t running with me he was cooking up massive bowls of pasta. Friends, family and colleagues all donated generously and got involved with cake sales, quiz nights and raffles – they made it easy to hit my fundraising goal.

What’s next for you after the marathon?

A rest! I really loved the experience but I’m really enjoying mixing up the exercise now and not having to fit in so many runs each week! I’m busy encouraging friends to give the marathon a go though, it’s an incredible event that anyone can do with a bit of training (and a lot of pasta!)

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