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Growing opportunities for youth in Ethiopia

Our work in Ethiopia is inspiring and engaging young people in environmental land management and enterprise development.

Since March 2022 Send a Cow Ethiopia (SACE) has been delivering transformative training as part of the Building Resilience and Opportunity for Youth Project funded by the European Union.

(In 2022 Send a Cow internationally rebranded as Ripple Effect to reflect the impact of the full range of work that the organisation does. SACE will be renamed Ripple Effect Ethiopia as soon as naming registration is completed.)

This important project in Ethiopia is an example of the organisation’s work that makes use of Send a Cow / Ripple Effect’s many years’ experience in grassroots training that responds to the specific needs of communities.

The project is targeting 46,000 unemployed young people aged 18-34 in rural communities who have limited job prospects and few opportunities for generating an income for themselves. Disillusionment and low self-esteem makes them very vulnerable to drug and alcohol abuse.

SACE’s work in the Building Resilience and Opportunity for Youth Project is focusing on

Changing mindsets, particularly in relation to negative self-perception and gender stereotypes (the type of work that young men and women can do)

Integrated land management training (ILM)

Small enterprise income-generating activities and business development (including growing crops, poultry-raising and honey production)

In areas where youth unemployment is high, building a belief in the possibilities of a better life, and providing the essential skills and training, can be transformative. Aklilu Dogisso, Country Director of Send a Cow Ethiopia says:

“We are seeing that the lives of the trained youths are improving, and the project is achieving its objectives. We are following their status and planning to scale up these results to reach more beneficiaries in the future.”

Aklilu Dogisso Country Director, Send a Cow Ethiopia

Watch the video to find out more about this work

More information about Send a Cow / Ripple Effect

Send a Cow has developed extensive experience in Ethiopia over the past 16 years, implementing our 3 major areas of expertise: sustainable agriculture | including everyone | enterprise skills development. We are currently working with more than 142,796 people in eight projects.