Ben Aldridge

Actor and Ripple Effect Ambassador, Ben Aldridge, recently visited some of our projects in Uganda.

What is your earliest memory of Ripple Effect?

My earliest memory of Ripple Effect is hearing my parents talking about my Uncle David going out to Uganda to visit a charity he was working with. I remember thinking 'sending cows?...like in the post?!'

What were some of the most memorable moments of your recent trip to Uganda?

I was overwhelmed by the positivity we found within the various projects; the pride, confidence, independence, enterprise. The dedication and determination of these farmers to change their lives. I will never forget being shown around those life giving gardens by those wonderful people - it was such a privilege to see first hand the Ripple Effect theory in practice.

How are you feeling about your upcoming Tough Mudder?

I'm pretty excited for it. I'm in training and looking forward to running it. And that Uganda trip will be at the forefront of my mind whole way no doubt!

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Watch our video of Ben’s time in Uganda here: