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Global Code of Conduct

Ripple Effect is committed to safeguarding the welfare of children and vulnerable adults and protecting them from abuse. This is everyone’s responsibility within our organisation.

Our policy and Code of Conduct applies to all staff, volunteers, trustees, patrons, ambassadors, consultants, and supporters or donors who visit our programmes.

This Code sets out the standards and expectations of employees and associates in terms of professional ethics, integrity, and safeguarding, which support our vision, mission and values.

Ripple Effect considers anyone under the age of 18 to be a child, even if this is different in different countries or communities where we work.

Ripple Effect does not discriminate against anyone. We treat all children and adults equally, whatever gender, ethnicity, age, disability, sexuality, or religion they are.

We use globally recognised standards to guide our work with children and vulnerable adults. These do not change between the countries we work in.

Failure to comply with the Code of Conduct and Ripple Effect policies, may result in action under SAC’s disciplinary procedures.

Mission, Vision and Values

Within our 10 year strategy; "Transforming Lives and Protecting the Planet" (2020 to 2030) we commit to:

Our vision

A confident, thriving and sustainable rural Africa.

Our mission

To inspire and equip African communities to unlock their potential, transforming lives and protecting the planet.


Acting with honesty, fairness and honour in all that we do, treating all people with equal respect.


Valuing the support and resources given to us, acting responsibly to ensure we use these with care and consideration.


Believing that every person deserves a life worth living, we are driven by empathy, humanity, and justice towards people and planet.

It is expected that Ripple Effect employees will:

  • Interact in a mature, capable, safe, caring and responsible manner, with high levels of accountability.
  • Work in a spirit of cooperation and partnership based on mutual trust and respect
  • Demonstrate sensitivity for the customs, practices, culture and personal beliefs of others.
  • Create a culture of best practice

Practice and promote social inclusion throughout Ripple Effect work.

It is expected that Ripple Effect employees will abide by the Global Safeguarding Policy including:

  • Not to condone or participate in behaviour with children, young people, vulnerable adults or anyone they come into contact with that is illegal, unsafe or abusive
  • Plan and act appropriately to minimise risk
  • Prioritise safeguarding and approach it with a learning attitude
  • Practice and promote inclusive safeguarding particularly relating to children and vulnerable adults with disabilities.
  • Comply with SAC’s data protection and confidentiality requirements.

It is expected that SAC employees will:

  • Read, understand and adhere to Ripple Effect’s Global Safeguarding Policy and Code of Conduct.
  • Actively participate in safeguarding training
  • Create and maintain a zero tolerance approach to discrimination, sexual harassment and abuse in all working environments.
  • Adhere to the field code of conduct when interacting directly with project participants and communities.
  • Strive to develop relationships with all stakeholders, which are based on equality, trust, respect and honesty.
  • Place the safety and welfare of children and vulnerable people above all other considerations.

We recognise that abuse may be physical, neglectful, sexually exploitative, sexually abusive, psychological, emotional, spiritual, financial or material, exploitative or discriminatory.

The need to report arises in the following instances:

  • Abuse is observed or suspected
  • An allegation of abuse is made
  • A child or vulnerable adult discloses abuse

Reporting is through established mechanisms and Ripple Effect is striving to work with communities to develop and / or strengthen community led reporting mechanisms.

Safeguarding the best interests of the communities we work with is our priority at all times. If an allegation of abuse is made against Ripple Effect, we commit to:

  • Respond compassionately
  • Conduct a thorough investigation, asking expert advice when we need to
  • Be accountable to the communities we serve.

If you have any concerns about safeguarding, have witnessed an incident or wish to make a complaint to Ripple Effect please email whistleblowing@rippleeffect.org. All reports are held in confidence. Data collected from the point at which an individual makes a report is held securely and accessed by, and disclosed to, individuals only for the purposes of dealing with the disclosure.