Ripple Effect

How to create a bag garden

"We grow spinach and cabbages in our bag garden. We eat vegetables for every meal, we have enough to give our neighbours and a surplus to sell."

Solange, Ripple Effect Rwanda

Ripple Effect

Get started

1. Roll down the edges of the sack and add a small layer of stones at the bottom for drainage.

2. Place the tube on the stones in the middle and fill with more stones.

Ripple Effect

Create drainage

3. Surround the tube with a mixture of soil, compost and manure. Press down lightly.

4. Remove the tube to leave a column of stones in the middle of the soil mix.

Ripple Effect

Fill with soil

5. Repeat until the bag is full of soil and there’s a column of stones running the height of the bag. Unroll the sack and try to keep it upright as you go.

Ripple Effect

Create support

6. Hammer 3 stakes into the ground around the sack to support the bag.

7. Cut a series of horizontal lines in the sack sides at least 15cm apart where you want your plants to go. Make sure the holes are big enough to plant a seedling and there is enough room for the plant to grow.

Ripple Effect

Plant your seeds

8. Plant your seeds or seedlings in the holes and at the sack opening.

Ripple Effect

Water your plants

9. Water the garden generously at first and then regularly from the top of the bag, preferably with rainwater.

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