Ripple Effect


Who are Ripple Effect? And why should I support them?

Ripple Effect is an international development organisation working in six countries in Africa. We are a partnership of resourceful farming families working with our experienced and committed African staff, who are based in our Country Programmes and our Africa Hub in Nairobi, with support and fundraising from our offices in the UK and US. We are currently working with just over a million people in rural Africa, the most we have ever reached.

Our proven approach brings smallholder farmers together to learn new skills and share knowledge so they can improve their livelihoods and thrive. Farmers working alongside Ripple Effect learn more, grow more and sell more. They can feed their families nutritious food, and by having a surplus to sell can invest in their farms, send their children to school and build sustainable agri-businesses.

The amazing thing about supporting Ripple Effect is that for every family we work with, three more families benefit too. Farmers share what they learn with their neighbours and communities. Then those farmers do the same: everyone is included, and everyone thrives.

Why are you giving away free wildflower seeds and vegetable growing guide?

We are offering free wildflower seeds and a vegetable growing guide to attract individuals who care about supporting farming families in rural Africa to fight hunger and the climate crisis. Through this campaign, we are looking to build new relationships with individuals who have an affinity to our work and in turn, reach even more farming families with our life-changing work. Please note there will be only one packet of wildflower seeds and growing guide per person.

How sustainable is the vegetable growing guide and wildflower seeds?

As a charity that works with farmers in rural Africa to fight hunger and the climate crisis, we care about the impact we have on the environment and have made the wildflower seeds and growing guide as sustainable as possible. All the paper items in this pack have been printed on paper from sustainably managed forests.

What type of wildflower seeds are they?

The seed packet includes a blend of 5 species of nectar and pollen-rich annual and perennial flowers which are proven favourites of honeybees.

Why will you call me?

Ripple Effect is working with QTS, a professional fundraising organisation. QTS will be calling individuals on behalf of Ripple Effect to request delivery details to send out the free wildflower seeds and a vegetable growing guide. On the call, we will also tell you about Ripple Effect’s work and how you can support us financially, however there is no obligation to do so.

If you would prefer not to receive a call from us, you can still show your support and request your wildflower seeds and Charles Dowding vegetable growing guide by contacting our Supporter Care team by emailing