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Kebele Giving

“There are so many aspects of your work that I think are great... the way you build communities by bringing people together with a shared goal. Good communication is so often at the root of solutions and Ripple Effect has built this into its projects so well.”

Liz Kebele member

Strong relationships are at the heart of Ripple Effect. By joining Kebele Giving and committing to an annual gift of £5,000 or more, we’ll ensure that you receive in depth impact reporting, opportunities to meet with experienced Ripple Effect staff, plus invitations to interesting events . To help you fulfil your philanthropic objectives, you will have a dedicated contact within the Partnerships Team.

We’d love to partner with you to grow Kebele in line with our mission to inspire and equip African communities to unlock their potential - transforming lives and protecting the planet.

Contact Sarah Bogg to discover how you can be part of our incredible community of supporters.

*Small groups within Ethiopian towns that join together to access social benefits.