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Ugandan Refugee Project

We’ve been working together with Rotary Clubs across the UK for over 30 years to bring hope and transformation to poor communities in rural Africa.

Every day families face poverty that is extreme, cruel, and worst of all – unnecessary. But rural Africa is rich with opportunity and where there is land, there is hope.

Your Rotary Club can make a lasting difference by helping mothers and children to grow a place to call home. We’re challenging Rotary Clubs to raise £20,000 to help support 769 families in three refugee settlements across Uganda.

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Your support could help mothers to bring hope, skills and knowledge to other mothers, so that children won’t go hungry.

In the Mwaro province of Burundi on steep, unprotected hillsides, mothers are doing all they can to grow food and make a living from their small plots of land. However poor soil quality made worse by the climate crisis means that families are struggling to grow enough to eat, which is having a devastating impact on children under 5 years old, with many of them malnourished. 

Meet Claudine, a 'Light Mother'

Claudine a light mother from Burundi smiling at the camera

We first met Claudine back in 2018, at a time where she was struggling to grow enough food to feed her four children. Claudine says "In Burundi, mothers encounter many problems in our daily lives... in our area, the climate has changed, some seasons are very dry, others bring icy rain [that] destroys our crops and when there's not enough rain, our crops don't grow properly."

Since starting work with Ripple Effect in 2018, Claudine has been able to put into practise the skills and knowledge she has learnt to improve her life, her family farm and the futures of her children.

For the last three years, Claudine has used her training to proudly volunteer with other mothers in her community. Claudine travels to remote areas in Burundi, to meet children who are eating just one sparse meal a day of potato or cassava and their mothers who are doing all they can to provide for their families. The name these mothers give to volunteers like Claudine is "Mamans Lumiere" which translates as "Light Mothers", volunteers who shine a light on child hunger in their communities and bring hope for the future. 

Will your Club support light mothers like Claudine to bring hope, skills and knowledge to other mothers, so that children won't go hungry?

How your Rotary Club can get involved:

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Community webpage

£104 could support four families...

... as they make home improvements such as building an energy-saving stove from local materials, which directs smoke away from the cooking area, makes cooking safer, and uses less fuel to keep trees standing. A clean latrine, tip-tap (a homemade handwasher), and drying rack will improve hygiene around the home and keep the whole family healthy.

Community webpage 1

£242 could train two farmers to become ‘Peer Farmers Trainers’

Some of our most successful farmers go on to become volunteers, training others in how to get the best from their farms. Your donation could help could ensure that Peer Farmers have all the training they need to help their neighbours grow nutritious vegetables and get the most from their land, all year round.

Community webpage 2

£570 could provide training for five families so they can start a successful business

Once families are eating well and earning enough to send their children to school, we encourage them to think bigger. Families will learn to add value to their produce to sell in the local community.

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