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Ripple Effect
Make a bag garden

Bag gardens are a simple way to grow vegetables in small spaces, whether in Africa or in your garden! A hessian sack filled with a mixture of soil and compost around a central column of stones, bag gardens filter water to vegetables planted in the top and around the sides.

Instructions to make a bag garden
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Make a keyhole garden

A keyhole garden allows a family to grow enough food for three meals a day – even in the face of an extreme climate and poor soil. The garden, shaped like a keyhole from above, encompasses a circular raised bed with a central basket where compostable waste is placed along with used water from the kitchen.

Instructions to make a keyhole garden
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Reduce pest damage

Stemborer moths and Striga weed are two major threats to cereal crops in east Africa. The families we work alongside use intercropping techniques or 'push pull technology' to reduce pest damage to crops such as maize. Stemborer moth larvae bore into maize and kill it and Striga weed latches on to maize roots, draining them of nutrition.

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Use natural pesticide

Utilise the same sustainable farming techniques as our farmers and use marigold leaves, chilli or onion to create a natural pesticide.

Instructions for natural pesticide

Global engagement

Twin your church garden

Twinning your church garden will plant hope for a family in Kenya. Your donation of £60 could help a family living in rural Migori, Kenya, with three years training in sustainable organic farming.

Starting with small kitchen gardens, families can grow enough to eat, set up small businesses, send their children to school and go after their dreams.

Learn more about church Garden Twinning.

Eco mission partnership

Your church can help farming families living on the front line of the climate crisis and create a wave of change across rural Africa.

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Worship and information

Contemplative gardens

As your church starts to use the land more creatively, why not create a contemplative space in your church garden. It does not have to be a large space or a well-stocked garden, just somewhere where you can sit and be. A space where you can enjoy the world around you and appreciate God's creation.

Download this pdf to learn how to create a contemplative garden.

Host a special Sunday

Host a Special Sunday this Harvest using our All Age Service. You can adapt the suggestions to suit the needs of your church and utilise the additional resources included on our website.

Download this pdf to see our All Age Service

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Ripple Effect
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Ripple Effect
Twin a church garden Twin your church garden and plant hope for a family in rural Migori, Kenya.

Composting can transform lives

“Before working with Ripple Effect [formerly Send a Cow], our land was poor quality and had lost its fertility. We learned to make our soils better through techniques to keep it moist and reduce erosion. We started to use manure to mix with our soil to help our plants grow better. Now we no longer have poor yields and have top quality produce!” Aida Uganda
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