Thank you from Lesotho

In June, our final project in Lesotho - working in the Leribe district - came to a close with all the farmers graduating as planned.

Our CEO Paul Stuart travelled to Lesotho to meet families and attend a special Thanksgiving event. Guests included local staff, farmers and various stakeholders, who all celebrated the successes and the dedication of the Ripple Effect Lesotho team.

Ripple Effect worked in Lesotho for 18 years, starting in Maseru district and expanding to have a presence in seven out of 10 districts. Ripple Effect implemented 12 projects which had a positive impact on over 100,000 people. These families are now eating regularly, household income has increased six fold and school attendance has greatly improved. After working with Ripple Effect 96% of people say they can recover from shocks such as droughts stronger than before. Thank you to everyone who has helped to make this possible.

We are proud to have worked with thousands of families during our 18 years in Lesotho, helping to transform lives in this amazing country. We want to thank everybody who has helped to make our Lesotho programme a success – our staff, supporters and most of all our farmers.

Thank you.