Meet our paravets on the ground in Rwanda

In a number of our projects there is the opportunity for participants who have a keen interest in animal husbandry to become a Paravet.

Paravets receive extra training from Ripple Effect in animal health and welfare and use this training to support farmers in their communities. Each paravet has a kit bag filled with vital equipment to support them in their role. This includes equipment for de-horning, worming and tick removal as well as vaccinations and a thermometer.

Guadance Mukandayisenga

Guadance is 32 years old and lives in Nyarguru District, Rwanda. Before her training, she had longed to provide help and services to farmers, and to generate more income for her family, but had no skills.

Guadance was then chosen from her Self Help Group to become a paravet in 2014. Her training has provided her with the skills to perform deworming and dehorning as well as providing support to senior vets in the community. Guadance now has a family income from selling vegetables and milk, and her own salary from her employment as a paravet.

“I am enjoying being a trainer in the community, and the whole community now has access to better animal health services. My family are now in good health, our children are eating healthily and we can pay their school fees. This is all because of Ripple Effect.”