How to brew the perfect coffee

Daisy's family were the lucky winners of our #CoffeeWithBen competition, supporting Rwandan coffee farmers to thrive.

This year, we’ve been encouraging coffee lovers everywhere to hold an African Coffee Break in support of coffee farmers in Rwanda. The Ikawa N'Inka (Coffee and Cows) project is supporting 30,000 people in coffee-growing regions to grow their own futures - on their own land, on their own terms.

As part of this, we launched a competition to win a coffee tasting experience with actor and Ripple Effect ambassador, Ben Aldridge. Daisy was the lucky winner of #CoffeeWithBen after holding an African Coffee Break at her local café.

Daisy and her family spent the evening at Origin Coffee in Shoreditch with Ben, and learned how to brew – and taste - the perfect filter coffee.

There’s still plenty of time to hold your own African Coffee Break in support of Ripple Effect. It’s a great excuse to catch up with friends and loved ones while also raising funds for families growing coffee in Rwanda.

Before you get started, discover Origin coffee expert Ruben’s six top tips for the best morning brew…

Ruben’s recipe for brewing the perfect filter coffee
  1. Pick the right coffee. Filtering works really well with lighter roasts of coffee, as the slow extraction process favours subtle flavours. Avoid your average espresso grind and pick something more fruity…
  2. Grind your beans so they’re not too fine - filtering is a slow process so to get the most flavour, leave your beans a little chunky.
  3. Heat your water to 94 degrees celsius. If you heat it any more, you can actually ‘burn’ the coffee grounds, which means that the subtle flavours get scorched out of the beans, and you’re left with a more bitter coffee
  4. Pour a little water gently over the grounds to extract the sharp acidic flavours first.
  5. Wait for the water to drip through, and then fill up your filter with more water.
  6. Enjoy your delicious cup of filter coffee

Want to learn more about the people your coffee break will support? Meet Jean-Baptiste and Dina

A huge thank you to Origin Coffee Roasters for donating their venue and coffee tasting experience for free.