Kenya flooding Africa

Catastrophic flooding and drought: this is what climate chaos looks like

The contrasts in Migori and Mombasa

River flood in Migori, Kenya, Africa
Flooded river in the coastal region of Migori, Kenya.

Weather extremes are hard to understand

Floods: the impact in Migori

Counting the damage When it was possible to assess losses in more detail farmers reported: 15 kg of newly-planted grain amaranth seeds washed away after planting (in Kakrao and in West Kanyamkago), and averagely 65 kg of certified maize seeds, 48 kgs of beans and 4kgs of groundnuts were washed away by rain or flooded rivers (in Jiw pachi support group, Maembe tatu women’s group, and amongst Khanyange, Kitumba, Mikayi and Mwachi farmer).

The aftermath in Migori

Flooded farm land in Kenya, Africa
Gordon Orwa’s flooded vegetable farm in the Enterprising Migori project.

Heavy rain, tidal flooding, extended dry seasons and high temperatures: the impact on the coast

Reducing future climate impact

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