Amy Armstrong

"The first thing that struck me about Ripple Effect was the feeling of family, no job is too big or too small, everyone is always willing to get stuck in and help and no one is ever too busy for a chat, or at the very least a smile!

I’ve been with Ripple Effect for 2 years now as the Executive PA. No two days are the same and I’m lucky that in my role I get a chance to interact with every team.

This year along with Ripple Effect I'll be turning 30

Watching Ripple Effect turn 30 and seeing all of the excitement, possibility and optimism that is coming along with it has made me even more excited for my own 30th! As we get older we get to know ourselves better, we know what fills us with joy and what helps us to be the best version of ourselves. Turning 30 (or any age) isn’t a scary milestone, it’s a part of the journey, a time for reflecting on all of the things that went well, and even the things that didn’t, and using what we’ve learnt to create our future.

I’ve had lots of special moments whilst I’ve been with Ripple Effect.

Perhaps the most significant for me was running the Bath Half Marathon. It was something I’d wanted to do for years and had never had the courage to go for it. Knowing that I was making a difference to Ripple Effect gave me the confidence I needed. I had a fantastic day, and achieved something that had long been on my to-do list!”