A partnership for lasting change with the Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF)

Since 2004, our projects in Zambia (initially working alongside Heifer International) have transformed the lives of nearly 40,000 people in rural areas where the climate crisis, land degradation, poverty and hunger threaten lives every day.

Through our community partnerships, and working alongside impactful organisations and supporters, families are now food secure, have stable livelihoods, and all members of the community are valued and included.

Working in partnership has shown clear benefits: collaboration with local organisations offers long-term sustainability, while purpose-driven partnerships add value over and above what Ripple Effect could deliver alone.

Ripple Effect’s 2030 strategy led us to re-evaluate how and where we work, highlighting the opportunities for greater partnership working in Zambia. The need is great; but as Ripple Effect’s smallest and most remote country programme (sitting outside of east Africa), we made the strategic decision to work alongside a regional organization where we could more effectively achieve transformational change.

We are delighted to have formed a partnership with the Zambian Rainbow Development Foundation (ZRDF) who work with 90,000 people in rural Africa. With a shared vision and values, this partnership will allow us to continue working with, and raise funding for, communities in rural Zambia.

“It is now my time to put these methods I have learnt from Send a Cow into practice. I will also continue to teach others how to go about different methods of farming. Therefore, I will continue to use the service skills that I have learnt.”

Ireen Mwanza Peer Farmer

Paul Stuart, CEO, says “I want to thank all our staff, partners and supporters who have made such an incredible impact in Zambia over the last 18 years. Speaking with the ZRDF team, I am excited for the future and how our two organisations can learn from one another to create even greater change”.