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Where we work

We’ve been working on the ground with rural African communities since 1988 and are proud to have established country programmes in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Uganda, and Zambia.

Many African countries are rich in natural resources and have young populations, full of innovative ideas. We want to make sure that, as Africa grows, its rural poor are not marginalised. We don’t want anyone being left behind.

  • Burundi

    Burundi has an urgent need for development. It is one of the hungriest countries in the world, with 72% of its population food insecure and 58% of children under five stunted - 1 in 10 children die before their fifth birthday.

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  • Ethiopia

    Ripple Effect has been working in Ethiopia since March 2006 and has had a huge impact on thousands of the poorest families. Having worked with 25,000 over the past 10 years, we are currently working with more than 50,000 people in six projects.

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  • Kenya

    Ripple Effect has been working in Kenya since 1996 and has had a huge impact on thousands of the poorest families. We work in the remote, underdeveloped Western Province of the country – which is a world apart from its better known beaches and safari parks.

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  • Rwanda

    The 1994 genocide left one million people dead in Rwanda, forcing thousands to flee their homes and leaving behind a legacy of fractured communities and vastly reduced livestock numbers.

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  • Uganda

    Ripple Effect has been working in Uganda since 1988, growing from just two staff members to 66 in 2016. We are currently working in 13 districts of Uganda, and in the years since we launched we have worked with over 40,000 households.

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  • Zambia

    Although Zambia has a reputation for political stability and a relatively efficient, transparent government, social conditions are tough.

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