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Uganda Trustees

“Ripple Effect helps communities in rural Africa to identify and value what resources they already have: their land, their families, their communities and their capacities. I feel proud to be part of an organisation that is people focused, practical and positive.”

Peninnah Kasule Chair
  • Anyango Hellen Machika

    Anyango Hellen Machika

    Hellen is currently the CEO of Feed All (U) Ltd; she is a passionate agriculturalist with over 12 years experience in active farming and offering consultancy services in general agriculture, to both large and small scale farming communities. As an agronomist, she has experience in providing sustainable farming solutions to both urban and rural communities. Hellen has experience in irrigation and greenhouse farming techniques. She has experience in coaching and mentoring young entrepreneurs in start-ups.

  • Christine Alupo 1080x533

    Christine Alupo

    Christine currently serves as the Director of the Currency Department of the Central Bank of Uganda, (BoU), having previously led the Departments of Board Affairs and Communications at the BoU. She is passionate about the empowerment of persons excluded from formal financial services and was part of the core team that developed the BoU’s financial inclusion framework between 2011 and 2018. Christine’s leadership and management experience include leading operations, strategy, corporate governance, community engagement, and strategic stakeholder management.

  • Joseph 1080x608

    Joseph Kaggwa

    Joseph Kaggwa is a qualified chartered certified accountant and an experienced NGO financial consultant and trainer. He is a member of the Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Uganda (ICPAU) and the Institute of Internal Auditors Inc. Joseph specializes in financial management training, auditing both externally and internally, governance, Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Business Development Services, Financial Management (Manuals, Assessments, Training), Organizational Capacity Assessments (OCA), Institutional Health Checks, and Board Trainings with NGOs in Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania, Zambia and many more.

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    Peninnah Kasule


    Peninnah is currently the Company Secretary and Head of Legal Services at Centenary Rural Development Bank, Uganda’s largest indigenous commercial bank. She brings a wealth of boardroom experience including corporate governance, leadership, strategic planning and human resource management.

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    Dr. Enoch K.K Bigirwa

    Dr. Bigirwa is a distinguished veterinarian, project design and evaluation expert on various issues ranging from orphaned and vulnerable children, community empowerment, animal management and health care, and land governance.

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    Richard Carter

    Richard is the Managing Director of Mwamba Business Solutions where he focuses on supporting financial solutions for the small & medium enterprises (SME) sector. He has extensive experience in SME finance, venture capital, and private sector and financial services development.

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    Evans Martin Nakhokho

    Evans Martin Nakhokho is a chief Manager in Centenary Bank where he has devoted his last five years in the creation, development and scaling up of the Agribusiness department of the Bank. He has extensive experience in commercial Banking, focusing on delivering accessible, affordable, and convenient services to those who deserve to be financially included in both the rural and urban settings.

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    Priscilla Mirembe Serukka

    Priscilla is currently an independent consultant. She has over 15 years experience in leading a dynamic, results-based International NGO in East Africa and over 21 years in Microfinance as well as alternative financial services for the poor.

    Priscilla has experience in Fund management, Resource Mobilisation, Coaching and Mentoring, starting initiatives, working in multi-cultural settings, Organisational development, Leadership and Corporate Governance.

  • Paul

    Paul Stuart

    Paul qualified as a chartered accountant with Ernst & Young before spending over 20 years in international business. During this time he developed partnerships in a number of different countries whilst leading an international publisher. He lived and volunteered with an international NGO in Mozambique for a year and joined Ripple Effect in 2013. Paul is also a Trustee of Development Initiatives.