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The year with Send a Cow 2020-21

This was an exceptional year, when smallholder farmers in Africa faced the twin challenges of the worsening climate crisis, and the global pandemic.

“Our role as trainers and facilitators was never more important.”

John Geake Chairman

Included in this year’s review:

  • page 6 | CEO Paul Stuart interviewed by Ugandan programme manager Roselyn Emuna: read a longer version of their conversation here
  • page 10 | Our continuing work on the climate crisis, equipping smallholder farmers with the skills and techniques they urgently need. Plus how we used the spotlight of COP26 to amplify the importance of our agroecological approach
  • page 14 | Our strategic direction to achieve the breadth of impact that’s necessary to reach the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals
  • page 16 | Three projects that achieved a significant impact on hunger in our region
  • page 22 | How our project teams in Africa, and our fundraisers, responded with urgency and flexibility to the pandemic
  • page 31 | Financial summary
  • page 34 | A day in the life of project facilitator Jacinter Oduor: read the full version here

Annual Review 2020/21

In 2020/21 we supported 728,000 people across 30 projects in six countries in east and southern Africa. Three major projects that were completed this year achieved a significant impact on hunger in our region, and over all of the countries 85% of families achieved food security through their work with us this year.