Gerald Alford and Bishop

Our history

Ripple Effect was set up by a group of Christian dairy farmers from the UK in 1988.

Outraged at EU milk quotas, which were forcing them to slaughter healthy dairy cows, and in response to an appeal from Uganda for milk, they embarked on a project, which was set to become an innovative and practical charity.

Uganda was just emerging from a long civil war, communities and their farmland had been destroyed and much of the country's livestock wiped out. Several of the UK farmers flew to Africa to investigate how they could help.

Meeting with Ugandan farmers, the Bishop of Mukono, and a livestock expert, they saw how smallholder dairy farming in Africa could work. People there were unable to feed themselves and milk would provide an instant source of nutrition. They returned to the UK determined to help, and sent cows from their own herds to Uganda. Ripple Effect was born.

We've changed a lot since 1988. We no longer send cows from the UK, we source them locally. In fact, providing livestock is just a tiny part of what we do. Find out more about how we work

Emerge Poverty Free

In 2017 the charity Emerge Poverty Free merged with Ripple Effect. Together we are able to support even more families in Africa, empowering them to secure their own futures and helping them to lift themselves from poverty. We share many key values and the complementary nature of our work in east Africa makes this a strong partnership.

Find out more about Emerge Poverty Free