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Name change FAQs

You will find the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our name change below.

Why did you change your name?

We all loved the name Send a Cow: it was quirky and got people’s attention – but our comprehensive research showed that it was holding us back from gaining new support and therefore reaching more communities in need.

Our name was confusing for anyone who didn't know our work as we would start each conversation clarifying that we don’t actually ‘send cows’ but instead provide a range of sustainable anti-poverty solutions that really work for the farming families we work alongside.

We also know that it created false expectations amongst the families we work alongside: if we arrived in a vehicle that says Send a Cow on the side, it’s not unreasonable that families expect to receive a cow.

The Send a Cow name described our heritage well, but it no longer accurately reflects our organisation today or expresses the incredible impact that training farmers can have on their communities.

To reach our goal of working with 5 million more people by 2030 we need to build awareness about our expert development work with farming families and have a name to demonstrate this effectiveness. That's why we've changed our name to Ripple Effect, reflecting how the benefits of our work multiply across African communities and from generation to generation.

How did you decide on Ripple Effect?

Project participants, supporters and staff from all over the organisation came together to lovingly create Ripple Effect.

When we asked families what they most valued from working with us, they talked proudly of how they have become teachers and donors themselves, able to share what they have and what they know with their families and communities. Our comprehensive research also showed that this ripple effect resonated with donors and funders who are encouraged by evidence that shows their money will have an effect that spreads beyond immediate programme participants. The conclusion was that we should emphasise we are an organisation that does targeted work on the ground, which has a huge impact.

Ripple Effect sums this up perfectly - expressing a sense of optimism and natural, organic growth which might be limitless. It also places the project participant, or our supporters, at the heart of our work, which they are.

Does this change how you work alongside families?

Our core work alongside communities and our vision of a confident, thriving and sustainable rural Africa has not changed. However, we are growing and adapting to meet the very real challenges that are facing communities. We need to think beyond our usual approach, collaborate more through partnership, and ensure we are Africa Forward in all that we do.

We want to show in the clearest and simplest way how we support a thriving rural Africa. That means a new name, new look and new ways of talking about what we do. We will continue to develop and improve quality in our three specialist areas where our expertise and experience create a powerful ripple effect:

  1. Farming the land: we train farmers in using the most appropriate approaches, both new and traditional, to agroecology. They build productive, biodiverse farms that are adapted to the changing climate and have a climate-positive impact. Community trainers and peer farmers share the knowledge with more farmers and communities, so the effect spreads. As well as growing crops, our specialism in improved animal management, developed over 30 years, makes us partner of choice in this area.
  2. Including everyone: we facilitate women and men sharing decisions and responsibilities equally, extending the impact of our work across generations and ensuring that people with different needs and abilities also have the opportunity to learn more, grow more and sell more.
  3. Business skills: more families learn to manage their farm as a business, moving away from subsistence farming to control their own futures: developing profitable micro-businesses, co-operatives and agri-businesses which can access new markets.
When did the name change?

We officially changed our name on 31 May 2022.

Can I send you some feedback?

We would love to hear your thoughts on our new 2030 plan and Ripple Effect name. Please send any feedback to:


Tel: 01225 874 222

Ripple Effect UK
The Old Estate Yard
Newton St Loe

Will the way I support you change?

Whichever way you are already supporting farming families in rural Africa, we’ll continue to receive your gifts now we have changed our name.

Direct Debit

We’ll continue to receive your gift and you do not need to take any action. We will be making some changes our end and may update the donation reference that appears on your bank statement. We’ll be in touch shortly to explain these changes in more detail.

Standing order

As standing orders are set up between yourself and the bank directly, your donation will remain the same as we become the Ripple Effect from 31 May 2022. You don’t need to take any action for us to continue receiving all gifts made in this way.

Leaving a gift in your Will

If you’ve decided to leave a gift to Ripple Effect and you haven’t let us know yet, please get in touch. We’d like to thank you and reassure you about the amazing impact that your gift will have for families in rural Africa. If you don’t take any action, we will still receive your gift as you have requested. However if you can, please update your Will with our new charity name Ripple Effect from the 31 May. Please contact us at for more information

Cash gifts

From 31 May, please make cheques payable to Ripple Effect. You will notice this update on our donation forms, and we’ll be including reminders of this.

Gift Aid

Any gift aid declaration you have made to Ripple Effect will remain valid, and we do not require a new one.

If you still have a question about how your support will still help, please contact our friendly supporter care team.


Tel: 01225 874 222

Ripple Effect UK
The Old Estate Yard
Newton St Loe

Will I still receive emails from you?

Yes, we'll continue to keep you updated on our latest news via email. Please add to your safe sender list just in case in the meantime.

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Will the way I follow you on social change?

From the 31 May, our social channels will automatically change to @rippleeffectNGO so you will continue to see our posts. Please help us share our new name after this date with your followers!

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