Ripple Effect

Send a Cow rebranded

Send a Cow rebranded

“When I sent cows to Uganda back in 1988, I never anticipated what the charity would become or the number of people it would help. We didn't realise the impact of surplus produce would be to enable so many children to access quality education, families live in much improved housing, women attain equal opportunity and previously hopeless farmers become teachers and leaders of positive change. Our new name reflects this immense multiplication impact and will enable us to reach even more people with life-changing skills, training and knowledge.”

David Bragg, Founding Farmer

“Our history and our name are important parts of who we are today. But we must recognise the need for change. Our new name emphasises that the impact of our work is always felt far beyond where it starts, and that for every farmer we reach, many more benefit. That’s something we are incredibly proud of.”

Paul Stuart, CEO

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