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A mother from our GANCA project with her children

Will you give a healthy rainbow this harvest?

Raised: £13370 Target: £40000

In Mwaro province, Burundi, mothers like Alice are having to work harder year on year to grow enough good to feed their hungry children on their small and often depleted plots of land ravaged by the climate crisis.

One meal a day is a way of life. Mothers often don’t have access to the diverse range of fruit and vegetables required to prepare the balanced meals their children need to thrive.

That’s where your support comes in. A gift today could help mothers like Alice fill their children’s plates with a healthy rainbow this harvest.

Here at Ripple Effect, we talk about ‘eating the rainbow’. Families like Alice at the beginning of their journey with Ripple Effect are often surviving on meals of plain, beige maize alone.

With seeds, tools and training from our farming experts on the ground, it’s not long before families are growing tomatoes, kale, bananas and aubergine, filling their plate with a healthy, hopeful rainbow.

GANCA 2 Medium

“We used to eat beans and sweet potatoes without green vegetables. But from our training, we know that vegetables are important. We have been taught to mix our crops with cassava plants, so we can harvest their leaves called ‘Isombe’. It helps us to always have vegetables available in every season.”

Alice Burundi

With the help of generous supporters like you, and community health volunteers known as 'Light Mothers', families like Alice's are learning how to grow a healthy harvest to fight hunger and the climate crisis.

Mothers like Alice are coming together to learn how to transform their small plots of land into flourishing vegetable gardens. Practical training in improving the quality of the soil such as composting using household waste, will provide organic matter to ensure that Alice’s vegetable gardens can thrive. She’ll receive high-quality vegetable seeds such as tomatoes, cabbage, watermelon and aubergine bringing a colourful crop to her land.

Side by side, mothers will prepare food together and learn to prepare nutritious dishes with protein, vitamins and minerals so that they can fill their children’s plates with a healthy rainbow.


“There is a big difference [in the health of my children] because now my children do not fall sick as often.”

Alice Burundi

We have worked with families in rural Africa for 34 years and we know that when you train mothers, that support is passed on. To their children, husbands, neighbours and friends. A ripple is created, and in time, the knowledge and skills spread through the whole community.

Thank you for supporting mothers like Alice and creating a wave of change across rural Africa.