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Norad grant Developing Business Women

Developing Business Women in Kutaber District, Northern Ethiopia

RAF-3065 ETH-18/0008 SAC

In November 2018, the Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) awarded Ripple Effect a grant of 3,782,000 NOK in support of its project Developing Business Women in Kutaber District, Northern Ethiopia. A three year project, and the first for Ripple Effect in the Amhara Region of Ethiopia, it will support and empower 600 vulnerable women and their families to become successful rural entrepreneurs, starting on their own farms.

Kutaber District has a good climate and fertile soils, but lack of access to inputs like seeds and tools, a lack of knowledge of farming techniques, and unsustainable and damaging practices like deforestation and overgrazing, mean that agricultural productivity remains low and people are vulnerable to food shortages. The project will deliver training, helping women in particular to improve the quality and quantity of food produced from their farms, and sell the surplus at market. It will help women to develop agri-business ideas and link them to financial services to access credit. Moreover, by addressing gender inequalities, the project will help women to increase their influence over household and community decision-making, increasing their control over assets and making them more independent.

Ripple Effect and Ripple Effect Ethiopia will be the sole implementers of the funded project. One bespoke staff training on disability inclusion will be delivered by our partner, Light for the World, at a cost of 17,081 NOK, of which NORAD will provide 90% funding, or 15,373 NOK.