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Will you help a Light Mother in Burundi fight child hunger?

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My name is Claudine, and I live with my family in Mwaro province, Burundi. Burundi is one of the hungriest countries in the world. In Mwaro, families in my community are doing all they can to grow food and make a living from the land.

Over the years, I have seen my neighbours lose their crops to extreme weather. Poor soil quality made worse by the climate crisis means that families are struggling to grow enough to eat. I have seen the devastating impact this has had on children, with many of them malnourished. As a mother, this is especially hard for me to witness.

With support from you today, I know I can bring hope by passing on vital life-saving advice to other mothers and their families.

My journey to where I am today has not been easy. I know how hard it can be to raise a family in the face of hunger and poverty. However, since joining a Ripple Effect project in 2018, I have been able to put into practice the skills and knowledge I have learned, to improve my life and the futures of my children.

For the last three years, I have proudly volunteered in my community. I travel to remote areas to meet children who are eating just one sparse meal a day, and their mothers who are doing all they can to provide for them.

The name these mothers give volunteers like me is ‘Mamans Lumières’ which means ‘Light Mothers’, as we shine a light on child hunger in their communities and bring hope for the future.

Will you support Light Mothers like me to bring hope, skills and knowledge to other mothers?

There are many ways I support families as a Light Mother. I teach other mothers how to grow nutritious vegetables on their small plots of land. And by promoting good hygiene and sanitation in the home, instances of upset stomachs, which also contribute to malnutrition, are reduced too.

One of the mothers I support is Chantal. She lives with her husband Eliphaz and their children. When I recently visited her, she told me about the difficulties she has growing food because of the extreme weather and poverty she faces. She told me:

Chantal NDAYISENGA 6 1

“With the climate crisis we can’t harvest much and because of this, our children can’t get enough food to eat to be healthy.”

Chantal Burundi

I’ve supported Chantal by teaching her the ways she can fight malnutrition through growing and eating nutritious food, as well as through improved cleanliness in the home. I’m so happy to see the amazing difference the changes she has implemented have had on her children’s health already. She shared with me:

"I have already seen a lot of improvements since working with Claudine because my children are no longer getting sick all the time like they used to before."

I only wish for the families I support like Chantal’s to prosper and live in good health. I have seen first-hand how support from Light Mothers like me has had a positive impact on children, as vital knowledge and skills are passed on from mother to mother.

Your support today would mean the world to me. By helping to train a community of Light Mothers, we’ll be able to reach more families like Chantal’s.

How a gift from you today can make a difference

  • Claudine using a MUAC Band

    Give a Light Mother kit

    £25 could help provide a specialist kit, including a thermometer, information leaflets, and mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) bands, to support other mothers and their children in the community.

  • Chantal and Claudine website

    Train a Light Mother

    £42 could train a Light Mother, so that they can pass on life-saving skills, knowledge, and advice to other mothers such as how to grow plenty of food and how to fight child malnutrition.

  • Claudine Kankindi 11

    Hygiene for healthy and happy homes

    £62 could support a Light Mother to train other families in good sanitation and hygiene practises at home, helping to create happy and healthy homes.

Thank you for supporting Light Mothers like me today.