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Sylvia Nantale and Fred Samanea 23

High value gifts

Our goal is to reach a further 5 million people by 2030. We can only achieve this in partnership with our community of valued supporters. The impact of a large gift is far reaching and long lasting. Our families pass on what they learn, meaning impact quickly multiplies – family to family, community to community, generation to generation. Our generous donors invest in our cost-effective projects - changing lives by creating opportunities for families to thrive.

Together our incredible supporters are helping us deliver our vision of a confident, thriving and sustainable rural Africa, through their generosity, passion and commitment.

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Kebele Giving

Be part of something truly amazing. Our generous Kebele donors are dedicated to supporting transformational and lasting change in rural Africa. We'd love you to join us.
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Our commitment to you

Every supporter has a unique relationship with Ripple Effect, which is determined by their personal interests in our work. This is important to us. To help you fulfil your philanthropic objectives joyfully and with efficacy, we'll ensure that you have a dedicated contact within the Partnerships Team.

Contact the team

To start your conversation about making a high value gift to Ripple Effect or to understand how you can partner with us through Kebele Giving please contact Sarah Bogg.

If you are a UK tax payer Ripple Effect will be able to claim Gift Aid making your gift go even further. Click here to find out if you are eligible.