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Regular Giving Chantal and Claudine

Make a regular gift

Start a ripple today so families in rural Africa can grow a brighter future.

Rural Africa is rich with opportunity: resourceful communities and land which can produce enough food to feed the continent and beyond. But families like Chantal’s (pictured above) face poverty that is extreme, unjust, and worst of all – unnecessary.

Everyday families like Chantal’s work hard to feed their children and grow a brighter future for them.

With severe drought followed by heavy rain, she struggles to grow enough to eat and her family often go hungry.

Chantal Burundi

“With the climate crisis we can’t harvest much and because of this, our children can’t get enough food to eat to be healthy.”

Chantal Burundi

It’s not just Chantal. There are many other women like her who are battling the effects of the climate crisis and extreme poverty. With you by their side, families like Chantal’s will create a ripple effect in her community. It starts when farmers come together to learn practical ways to fight hunger and the climate crisis.

For every family we work with, three more families benefit too.

As they learn more, grow more and sell more, the benefits are shared with their families, neighbours and communities. Then they do the same and soon hundreds, then thousands, are thriving.

You can stand alongside women like Chantal by making a monthly gift today and helping them create a ripple effect in their local communities.

From the joy of harvesting her first crop of nutritious vegetables, to a thriving garden with enough produce to sell; your regular gift will support families like Chantal’s every step of the way.

Families will no longer go hungry, and they will be able to grow a brighter future for their children.

Start a regular ripple

You can reach women like Chantal by making a monthly gift today and creating a ripple effect in their local communities.

What your donation could achieve each month…
  • Diogene and Dative with their tools Rwanda


    Every month you could help provide simple items like a fork, rake and hoe which can make a world of difference.

    With the right tools, families can cultivate their land and use sustainable farming techniques. Small plots of land are transformed into thriving gardens that can feed the family for years to come!

  • Caroline with her keyhole garden Kenya


    Every month you could help provide training so a family can build a keyhole garden and grow enough food for three meals a day.

    These gardens give fantastic results quickly and add nutritious vegetables to provide a balanced diet. The circular raised bed incorporates a central basket where compostable waste is placed along with used water from the kitchen.

  • Eunice and her children Kenya


    Every month you could provide ten tree saplings for a family so they can create their own mini orchard.

    Trees not only provide fruit and nuts to eat and sell, but shelter and shade for other crops; and the roots help prevent soil erosion – a climate friendly contribution for people and planet!

“We felt that making a monthly donation made so much sense. It gives Ripple Effect a steady, predictable income; it provides security for the farming families and the programmes they join; and it gives us pleasure to know that we are a reliable part of Ripple Effect’s wonderful work. We have also been able to visit various projects in Rwanda, which was an amazing experience and only reinforced our feeling that Ripple Effect does fantastic work.”

Margaret Ripple Effect supporter

Your regular donation will be used wherever the need is greatest to make a real difference to the lives of some of the poorest families in Africa. Thanks to your support, last year we were able to work with over 728,000 people. Thank You.