Ripple Effect

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“The climate crisis is impacting our land. One year, there was such a big flood that it bought material down from the steep slopes behind our house onto our land and destroyed our coffee and crops. All we could do was replant everything and start again.”

Bekelech, Ethiopia

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Ripple Effect
Resilient seeds boosting nutrition Hungry families rely on starchy crops that take the edge off hunger but don’t provide enough nutrition to stay healthy. Introducing climate-resilient seed varieties of cabbages, carrots, tomatoes, Swiss chard and beetroot give families the best chance to survive – and thrive.
Ripple Effect
Life-changing trees Trees planted on slopes help to anchor soil and prevent flooding. They can also provide nutritious food, and valuable shade for other crops. Families like Bekelech’s learn how to plant different types of indigenous trees, including avocados, and Cordia Africana.
Ripple Effect
Healthy soils for healthy children Bekelech and other farmers in her community are learning about making their own rich, natural compost – for free. Compost improves soil structure so it can retain moisture, and the added nitrogen and potassium increases crop yields.p yields.
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