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Agness showing off soya beans after crowing resilient crops
£140 could help 10 families fight the climate crisis with Super-Strong seeds. The climate crisis is making it hard for families in rural Africa to grow a better future for themselves. By equipping families with resilient seed varieties that suit the changing climate, crops have the best chance of surviving periods of extreme drought and flooding.
Maybin planting to combat the climate crisis
£210 could provide 10 families in rural Africa with Top-Notch Trees. Planting trees can help prevent soil erosion and put important nutrients back into the soil, ensuring families can produce a healthy crop for years to come. And what’s more, the fruit help provide a healthy diet and a vital income for the family.
Susan and her husband using bees to fight the climate crisis
£350 could support 10 families in rural Africa with Brilliant Beehives. Brilliant Beehives can transform their land and provide wax and honey to sell at market. Bees pollinate a whole area, improving biodiversity and increasing crop yields, bringing immeasurable benefit to whole communities.

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Twin your school garden with a family living in rural Migori, Kenya, with three years training in sustainable organic farming

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