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You are invited to our virtual Harvest event to meet with the team in Kenya to hear about the challenges farmers are facing now and how Ripple Effect is supporting them this Harvest with poverty-busting pineapples.

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How a gift from your church can make a difference with poverty-busting pineapples

Garden twinning charity gift
£120 could twin your church garden and support two families for three years with sustainable farming skills and poverty-busting pineapples, so they can grow a brighter future for themselves.
Help with food for farmers in Africa
£250 could help provide 50 families in rural Africa with climate-resilient fruit and vegetable seeds such as the poverty-busting pineapple.
Community garden in Africa
£550 will support a community to establish fruit and vegetable nurseries growing passionfruit, mangoes and pineapples to feed their families, make a living and start a ripple effect in their local area for years to come.

Thank you for supporting mothers like Fatuma this Harvest.