Praying hands

A blessing for Ripple Effect

Will your church pray for our next chapter?

“Ripple Effect’s story started with a prayer. We are very thankful for our Christian foundations, and the prayers and practical expression flowing from this throughout our history.”

Paul Stuart CEO of Ripple Effect

Across the country, churches will be using this prayer to bless Ripple Effect as we start our next chapter. Will you join us with this prayer and start to make your own ripples to help families in rural Africa? Use our resources as part of your church service to help explain the changes and inspire your prayers.

Pray a blessing for ripple effect with our patron, Bishop Ruth:

If you hold a service of blessing in your church, please do let me know so we can encourage our team in Africa. And, if you have any questions, please do get in touch with me. or call me on 01225 871920.