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Who are Light Mothers and how are they fighting hunger in Burundi?

“What gives me most pleasure in my job is working for the community, and above all, training them in agriculture, sanitation, nutrition and the use of clean water.”

Ladislas, Project Facilitator, Ripple Effect Burundi

The Challenge

Burundi where we work

Food insecurity

Our Approach

A spotlight on Light Mothers

“I most enjoy training and teaching other mothers like me how to eat nutritious food by adding vegetables to their meals. If they can’t afford vegetables, we train them how to plant kitchen gardens around their homes. This helps them to get vegetables easily without going too far.”

Claudine, Light Mother, Ripple Effect Burundi

Tackling hunger and malnutrition

Inside a Light Mother Kit

Claudine with a MUAC band

MUAC band

A mid-upper arm circumference (MUAC) band is one of the simplest ways to identify malnutrition in children under the age of five years old.



A set of scales and a height chart are used for checking whether a child is a healthy weight or height.



Used to check the body temperature of children. Malnourished children can often have a lower body temperature.



Mothers receive a notebook where they can track their child’s progress over time.

Information Leaflet

Information Leaflet

Training guides, leaflets and posters provide vital information on nutrition, breastfeeding and home hygiene so that mothers can keep their children healthy.



As Light Mothers spend a lot of time travelling to meet families, an umbrella is especially useful to keep them dry and ensure that the rain doesn’t stop their vital work from taking place.

“When we started working with Claudine, my Light Mother, she trained us how to cook nutritious food. We add vegetables to our meals because now we understand that they are important for our good health and growth.”

Chantal, Ripple Effect Burundi

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