I am because Ripple Effect is

“If there is a turning point in our life, as a family that was when we received a cow from Ripple Effect. On that day, I became a man. You see, you are an incomplete man if you cannot send your children to school. You are an incomplete man if you know your children do not have enough beddings. I knew the moment that cow came into our household, life was going to change forever and it did.”

Isaac Kizito On the impact Ripple Effect has made

I’ve worked at Ripple Effect for nine years. In that time, I’ve heard many stories of the families we have worked with, and also those who are desperate for help. I’ve had the honour of meeting some of these farmers myself. I have laughed with them, and I have cried for them.

To celebrate Ripple Effect’s 30th anniversary, we went back and met with some of the original farmers who we worked with in the earlier years. I was intrigued to see how their lives have changed a generation on. How would the lives of their children, and even their grandchildren, differ from their own childhoods? Could the impact of receiving help from Ripple Effect really still be making a difference – 30 years on?

The answer is yes. And so powerfully so, that I want to tell you. I want to tell everyone! Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing more stories and pictures, but here is my favourite image: it is that of Lydia and Isaac Kizito and their daughter Ruth. Standing proudly outside their beautiful home, holding a family photo from the 80s. And their beloved cow is photobombing!

A life Isaac and Lydia could have never dreamed of growing up, Rose is now living. Studying for her Bachelor of Commerce degree at University she says, “I am because Ripple Effect is”.

Thank you to everyone who has travelled the Ripple Effect journey: the farmers, the supporters, the well-wishers. It’s thanks to you that over 2 million people are now confident that their children can live their dreams.

Joanna Brownbill, Communications Manager