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Who we are

We are a partnership of resourceful farming families working with our experienced and committed African staff, who are based in our Country Programmes and our Africa Hub in Nairobi, with support and fundraising from our offices in the UK and US. We are currently working with just over 790,000 people, the most we have ever reached.

Ripple Effect has the support and guidance of an invaluable group of Trustees and Patrons.

Our staff in blogs

  • A Day in the Life of Jacinter Oduor

    Jacinter Omina Oduor, 47, works full-time for Ripple Effect as a project facilitator in western Kenya.

    She was a farmer in a group that we were working with when she was first recruited as a peer farmer trainer in 2007.

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  • A life-changing journey with Ripple Effect

    Hear from Isaac, Ripple Effect Kenya’s Farm Systems Coordinator, about how his family’s fortunes changed when they joined one of our projects back in 2001.

    Today, Isaac helps families in rural Kenya to overcome hunger and poverty too, just like his family did.

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  • Meet the CEO

    Ripple Effect CEO Paul Stuart is interviewed by Ripple Effect Uganda's Programme and Partner Support Manager Roselyn Emuna.

    Paul Stuart joined the charity in 2013 and was appointed CEO in 2016. Akiiki Roselyn Emuna has been with the organisation since 2007.

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Meet some of our staff who make the Ripple Effect

  • Paul 2

    Paul Stuart


    “I believe in locally-led development, the power of hope, and the benefit of evidence-based decision making. I am keen to learn from others and open to exploring innovative and entrepreneurial approaches.

    “I am grateful for many opportunities to gain experience throughout my career; training as a Chartered Accountant, 15 years in Children’s Publishing, and working and volunteering for organisations whose purposes are aligned around ways to end poverty, reduce inequality, and build confident, thriving and resilient communities.”

    Ask me about… Our vision, mission and plans to achieve it.

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  • Aklilu Dogisso

    Aklilu Dogisso

    Country Director, Ethiopia

    “Having previously worked in government ministries and for international NGOs such as World Vision, I deeply understand the opportunities for us to have lasting impact. What I love about Ripple Effect is that it is an organization where you can always reflect, learn and improve.

    “I have an MA in Rural Social Development and a BSc in Agriculture”.

    Ask me about… Ripple Effect Ethiopia and how we work closely with partners, the government and funders to transform communities.

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  • Catherine Mwangi

    Catherine Mwangi

    Head of Monitoring & Evaluation

    “I have 12 years’ experience in data management, monitoring and evaluation, and operations research. I have worked with projects that assess performance pre/post intervention, but Ripple Effect takes it a notch higher and designs projects that address the specific needs of the people – adding value to whole communities.

    “This focus on effective programmes means we get to design projects that address the specific needs of the people. I knew I had to be part of that.”

    Ask me about… Putting data into perspective, and using that information to aid decision making, accountability and learning.

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  • Deogratious Egeru

    Deogratious Egeru

    Enterprise Development and Innovation Coordinator

    “I had once heard it said that you would know a family working with Ripple Effect when you saw one. This is true! The ripples created with passing on a gift was the icing on the cake for me; I knew at once that I wanted to be part of this.

    “I am an agribusiness professional, highly experienced in enterprise development, marketing and value chain development, and public and private sector engagement.”

    Ask me about: agri-enterprise and market development, farmer institutional support, financial inclusion and any innovations in these areas.

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  • Fred Ochieng

    Fred Ochieng

    Africa Director

    “Extending a helping hand to the most vulnerable in our society is my passion, so to be part of an organization that is devoted equally to transforming lives and protecting the planet is a privilege for me.

    “Before joining Ripple Effect, I was the CEO for Brooke East Africa. I have a Doctorate in Business Administration. I am also a certified company director, and expert on corporate governance.”

    Ask me about… Ripple Effect’s ambitious 10-year strategy in Africa including networks and strategic relationships in Africa, Europe and the US to help maximise our impact, influence and income.

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  • Gloria Nimpundu

    Gloria Nimpundu

    Country Director, Burundi

    “From a young age I have always wanted to help improve the living conditions of vulnerable people. I started as a young activist in children's rights which later inspired my choice of professional career. I have more than 16 years of professional experience in non-profit humanitarian and development organizations.”

    Ask me about… our work in Burundi, our current and potential relationships with partners and government bodies.

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  • Joanna Brownbill

    Joanna Brownbill

    Director of Communications & Marketing

    “Having worked and travelled across east Africa, the place is embedded in my heart. I love to share the stories of transformation from the families we work alongside. I have a Master’s Degree in International Relations, a Marketing Diploma and over 20 years’ experience in the sector.

    “I met my husband at work and everyone joined in our wedding, so Ripple Effect really feels part of my family.”

    Ask me about… media enquiries, campaign opportunities, and to help spread the word.  

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  • Laurent Munyankusi

    Laurent Munyankusi

    Country Director, Rwanda

    “In my 20 years’ designing strategies and building programmes in the development sector, I have seen many living in extreme poor conditions. Yet I know that the world is full of good knowledge, skills and technologies that can bring a positive change.

    “I am driven by seeing formerly vulnerable people becoming resources for their communities as their share their knowledge, skills and experience with their neighbours.”

    Ask me about… Ripple Effect Rwanda, organisational development, leading and coaching teams and partnership creation.

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  • Meshark Sikuku

    Meshark Sikuku

    Farm Systems and Sustainability Coordinator

    “My ambition has always been to support rural communities and improve lives. Following my studies in agriculture and development management, my career has been focused on creating sustainable change through strategic project design.”

    Ask me about… sustainable farming, food security, biodiversity conservation, and the climate crisis.

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  • Mike Coburn

    Mike Coburn

    Executive Director of US Development

    “For more than 18 years, I’ve dedicated my professional career to serving in various leadership and fundraising roles for humanitarian and international development NGOs. 

    “My favorite part of working with Ripple Effect are the relationships I have with my colleagues in Africa who plan and implement our life-changing projects every day.  It is a blessing to see the smiling faces of farming families who are now self-sufficient and helping their neighbors.”  

    Ask me about… our 501c3 charity in the United States, our strategy and fundraising efforts.

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  • Pamela Ebanyat

    Pamela Ebanyat

    Country Director, Uganda

    “I am particularly passionate about the role of agriculture in securing livelihoods and community development. I have a Bachelor’s and Master’s degree in Agriculture, an Honor’s degree in development studies and have worked with INGOs for the past 20 years. I am excited to lead Ripple Effect Uganda in its new chapter, and share that joy with my family.

    Ask me about… Ripple Effect Uganda’s strategic priorities, project locations, our donors, partners and current portfolio.

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  • Rowena web

    Rowena Warren

    Director of Finance and Resources

    “Since qualifying as a chartered accountant nearly 20 years ago, I have focused my career in the not-for-profit sector. Having volunteered in Kenya in 2015, I saw how Ripple Effect was having a life changing impact on those involved and gave families hope the future. I wanted to carry on being a small part of that.”

    Ask me about… increasing our impact, raising more funds, or improving our employee engagement.

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  • Sofanit Mesfin

    Sofanit Mesfin

    Gender & Social Inclusion Coordinator

    “Over my 10 years of building gender and social inclusion into our projects at Ripple Effect, I have seen lasting transformation which has given new meaning to my work. Our project participants are truly inspirational.

    “One of my favourite moments is when a mother told me with a beaming smile how the workload in her house is now shared and therefore she can sit and enjoy a meal with her family. I have a family myself so I know how valuable this experience is.”

    Ask me about… our participatory community tools and training which transform the gender inequality and ensure social inclusion in rural Africa.

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  • Titus

    Titus Sagala

    Country Director, Kenya

    “The impact Ripple Effect has resonates with my personal experience of growing up in rural Kenya; it brings me joy to see others transform their lives, like my family was able to.

    “I have a technical agricultural background and over 20 years’ experience in community development and management.”

    Ask me about … Ripple Effect Kenya: our strategies, objective, vision and partnerships; and technical questions on farm systems.

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