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Kamuli Inclusive Livelihoods | April 2020 - March 2022

In Eastern Uganda, farmers are facing unpredictable rainfall caused by the climate crisis and increasing soil erosion from tree clearance. Sugarcane mono-cropping is contributing to low agricultural productivity, with many families locked into unprofitable contracts with exploitative companies. Ripple Effect is working with over 20,000 vulnerable people, supporting the establishment of backyard gardens that will allow farmers to produce vegetables all year round and grow a wider range of food crops.

Living with Wildlife | October 2020 - September 2023

Families living around Uganda’s largest National Park are struggling to live: food is scarce and there a few opportunities for earning an income. In partnership with wildlife charity Tusk, this project is training local communities in new ways of supporting themselves while protecting their local wildlife and habitats.

Kyotera Push-Pull Technology | October 2020 - September 2023

The stemborer moth and the fall armyworm can destroy maize harvests in Kyotera in Central Uganda and in other districts. Push-Pull is a simple but powerful innovation where maize is intercropped with desmodium, which produces a scent that repels the moths (the Push effect). Field borders are planted with napier or brachiaria grass which the moths are attracted to as a place to lay their larvae, but the larvae are unable to survive on the leaves (the Pull effect). Ripple Effect is working with 400 farming families across the district to roll out this pest management method.

Watch our short video on how Push Pull works

Agriculture Market Support for Refugees | October 2020 - September 2023

The communities of Kyegegwa and Isingiro are hosting refugees from the Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda, Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Djibouti, and Burundi, and are struggling with low household incomes and food insecurity. This project in partnership with the World Food Programme uses demand-driven inclusive agro-enterprise to build the marketing system, creating a pull for increased production and also improving post-harvest handling and management by farmers and their cooperatives, to improve food safety, security and nutrition.

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Pamela Ebanyat

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Roselyn Akiiki Emuna

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Alex Bagora

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