Ripple Effect


Our work with farmers in East Africa is based on what we’ve proved to be effective and sustainable.

“Drought has affected my crops but I have learned to use compost and mulching to help keep my land fertile and moist. I am also planting trees to provide food for us, and fodder for my animals.”

Athanasie with produce from her garden, Bugesera, eastern Rwanda

“African policy-makers are increasingly looking to agroecology as the sustainable way forward.”

Farm Systems and Sustainability Coordinator Meshark Sikuku, with a producer of organic fertiliser at the first Eastern Africa Agroecology Conference in 2023.

What is agroecology?

Diogene and his wife Dative on their pineapple farm in Rwanda
Diogene and his wife Dative on their pineapple farm in Rwanda

We support biodiverse small farms

Our practical training includes:

A farmer holding their compost
The farming families we work with are each composting at least 1 tonne of organic waste every year.

That’s saving half a tonne of methane gas emissions being added to the atmosphere every year from each household’s decomposing materials.

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