Sustainable agriculture

Expensive fertilisers and pesticides are damaging for the environment, and smallholder farmers can’t afford them. Our approach is different.

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“Every week I am inspired by the thirst for knowledge amongst the farmers we work with. Once we show them that change IS possible they are eager to learn new ways of working, and to share their experience with others .”

Meshark Sikuku, Farm Systems and Sustainability Coordinator

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Check out Meshark’s podcast with Regenagri on the community benefits of regenerative agriculture.

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How sustainable agriculture has worked for the Mukasibo family

Mr and Mrs Mukasibo show Meshark Sikuku their produce
Mr and Mrs Mukasibo show Meshark Sikuku their produce
Ripple Effect
Global warming +2%
Ripple Effect
-10% crop yields in sub-Saharan Africa
Ripple Effect
87% of farmers working with Ripple Effect are confident their land can provide all their food
Ripple Effect
Livestock: valuable chicken and manure, or a threat to global warming?

We have 30+ years’ experience in integrated animal management.

Our livestock management
Elina, Peer Farmer in Zambia
How we’ll reach more farmers

Our programmes have reached 1.2 million people. We aim to extend our training and skills to 5 million more by 2030.

Peer Farmer trainers
Pull Pull Biotechnology
How we’re helping farmers to support the environment by farming without chemicals

We're implementing innovative pest and weed control developed in Africa.

Push-pull technology
Ripple Effect
Where we stand on pesticides, GM seeds and food security

How our agroecological, climate-postive approach directs our programme decisions.

Read our position statement on sustainable agriculture
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