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Our transformative household methodology

We have developed a highly effective process that we use in all our programme implementation, which exposes the imbalances in workloads and decision-making in home and the wider community, and gives women greater voice and influence.

“Other organisations do gender work with groups or whole communities, but we’re the only ones working directly at household level. We believe that this level of intervention is necessary to achieve real and sustained change in relationships and power structures. We also involve the children, and influential older relatives in a household.”

Sofanit Mesfin, Ripple Effect Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator

THM training session in Dawuro, Ethiopia
THM training session in Dawuro, Ethiopia
Ripple Effect
In Busia and Bungoma, Kenya, 77% of women reported full involvement in deciding which crops would be grown, up from 23%.
“We do the farm work together and my husband and children also help with fetching water, gathering grass for the cows and other household chores. Before we started working with Ripple Effect, we were not living peacefully. I am most proud of our new family harmony; that has changed everything.”

Dina & Jean-Baptiste, Nyanza district, Rwanda

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