Gender and Social Inclusion

We are to committed inclusion, so everyone has food security, access to education, and opportunities to earn an income.

Ripple Effect
We are working towards the Gender Equality Sustainable Development Goal

In the communities where we work unequal gender roles are deeply embedded. Women are less likely to be educated, they have fewer opportunities to earn money and less say in what crops are grown or how the family’s money is spent.

“People are the centre of our work – not land, not agribusiness. Everyone must be included, and the benefits must be for everyone, if our work is to be effective.”

Sofanit Mesfin, Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator

What we do to achieve gender equity

“African women spend way too much time… fetching water and wood. African women work 50% longer hours than men.” African Development Bank
We recruit 67% women to our projects

How our gender work has worked for Caroline’s family

“Before, we had lack of food, lack of money and no peace in the homestead. My husband did not support the family and his money belonged to him alone. “We are now applying our training in our marriage and our life. My husband and children all contribute to the work, and in the evenings we decide on what is to be achieved by when, as a family.

Caroline, farmer, Kenya

15% of the world’s population are living with a disability - World Bank
15% of the people we work with are living with disability

How we include people with disabilities

“Children used to laugh at me, but now everyone loves Viola.”

Viola from Buyende, Uganda, has been trained in disability rights and sustainable agriculture.

How we include young people in our work

“Life was bad for me before I did this training. Now I like everything about my life.”

Batte, then 18, at his motorbike repair shop, Kyotera, Uganda

Sofanit Mesfin, Ripple Effect's Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator
Sofanit Mesfin: Ripple Effect's Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator

Meet Sofanit Mesfin, our Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator, based in Addis Ababa. Learn more about the work that she does and her passion for fighting inequality.

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