Gender and social inclusion

Rwandan woman
Achieving gender equity

We actively seek out women to join our programmes so they can have more influence in their communities. We do this by aiming for 60% or higher of female project participants. Our Transformative Household Methodology demonstrates clearly the imbalances of workloads and decision-making and inspires everyone in a family to share tasks and responsibilities – resulting in greater collaboration, respect and productivity.

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Ripple Effect
Including people with disabilities

Social stigma about disabilities creates barriers to education which in turn affects employability, financial security and food security. We use the ACAP framework (Access, Communication, Attitude and Participation) to address barriers to inclusion, which may include adapting pathways around villages and fields, improving access to community facilities, and creating mixed groups of disabled and non-disabled project participants.

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Young people employment in Africa
Supporting young adults

Young people tend to be excluded from decision-making because they are not landowners, the head of the household, or the person who has responsibility for feeding the family. We engage with young people to ensure that their energy and productivity is not lost by focusing on real work opportunities in the areas of work that interest them. We develop employment and business skills, and enroll them in apprenticeship schemes.

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"People are the centre of our work - not land, not agribusiness. Everyone must be included, and the benefits must be for everyone, if our work is to be effective."

Sofanit Mesfin, Gender and Social Inclusion Coordinator

Ripple Effect
"My husband and children all contribute to the work, and in the evenings we decide on what is to be achieved by when, as a family." Caroline, farmer, Kenya
Ripple Effect
“Children used to laugh at me, but now everyone loves Viola.” Viola from Buyende, Uganda, has been trained in disability rights and sustainable agriculture.
Ripple Effect
“Life was bad for me before I did this training. Now I like everything about my life.” Batte, 18, at his motorbike repair shop, Kyotera, Uganda

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