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Two farmers working together passing crops between each other

Our solution

It starts when we bring farmers together with community trainers and experienced peer farmers to share ideas and learn new skills. The focus is on practical approaches that help them grow more and sell more, so they can invest in their farms and their families’ futures.

But we don’t stop there. The effect grows, because for every family we work with, three more families benefit too. Farmers share what they learn with their neighbours and communities. Then those farmers do the same: everyone is included, and everyone thrives.

It’s efficient, effective and builds a momentum that spreads far beyond our programmes.

How it works - the ripple in action

Our programmes – designed and delivered in-country – encourage and enable farmers to share their knowledge, skills and resources with the wider community.

This is achieved through our programme model of self-help groups, peer farmer training, copy farming, pass-on gifts of seeds and livestock, gender and social inclusion interventions, and community savings and loans groups.