Ripple Effect

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Our 2030 plan to reach five million more people

Ripple Effect
Impact Objective 1 People have access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food

We aim to increase farm production, diversify diets and improve nutrition for families under a One Health approach addressing health threats at the interface between animals, humans and the environment.

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Ripple Effect
Impact Objective 2 - People earn above the poverty line, are financially secure and engaged in a vibrant local economy 

Once communities are eating well and earning enough to send their children to school, we encourage them to think bigger: adding value to their produce, establishing businesses and accessing savings and credit services.

Ripple Effect
Impact Objective 3 - Communities adapt effectively to the climate crisis and restore ecosystems for current and future generations 

Supporting farmers to adapt to and mitigate the effects of the climate crisis has long been part of our work. Farmers work together to restore degraded soils, improve their water retention, and replace topsoils washed away as a result of deforestation and flash flooding. Water harvesting and the use of drought-resistant seeds extend the length of growing seasons that are becoming increasingly unreliable.

Ripple Effect
Impact Objective 4: Ensure inclusion, voice and agency of marginalised communities

Ripple Effect champions inclusive development which promotes awareness of marginalised groups and welcomes the diversity that disability brings. Inclusivity measures include allowances for interpreters, supporting disabled participants to travel to meetings where their participation is encouraged, and practical adaptation of latrines, planting beds and farming equipment.

Ripple Effect
Impact Objective 5 - Ripple Effect will be a catalyst of change, influencing policy and practice as well as maximising impact through partnerships

Our community-based advocacy takes the form of helping family farmers to find a collective voice. Rediscovering local skills and training in new techniques builds confidence. The farmers we work with develop the ability and social standing to protect their natural environment and push for change.

How we'll do it

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